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Hollywood Arab Film Festival
Hollywood Arab Film Festival Melinda Michael

Hollywood Arab Film Festival 
April 29, 2023
Celebrating the 2nd Annual Hollywood Arab Film Festival
at Universal Studios, California. 


Filming at a Royal Wedding

February 14, 2020

Filming a Bollywood and Gujarati feature film in the beautiful city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India. One of the locations just so happens to be the royal family's wedding! Melinda Michael is captured on the front page (top right corner), photographed alongside her co-star, dressed in a beautiful sari to showcase India's rich history of traditional fashion. The grand wedding was held at Jaipur's City Palace. An impressive and unforgettable event. We can't wait to see the movie when it is released in theatres in 2021!

Open World Toronto Film Festival

OWTFF JUDGE - Melinda Michael is a riveting, up and coming actress. She was born in London, Ontario (like stars Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling). She moved to Toronto to pursue her passion for acting in film and television, and to expand her modeling endeavours after being scouted. Melinda has been performing on stage since the age of three in dance and music recitals. It was love at first sight when Melinda, who had asked for a ticket to see The Phantom of the Opera in Toronto to celebrate her fourth birthday, was in such awe and could barely keep herself seated because she felt so strongly called to be up there on that stage too. At that moment, Melinda knew that acting was what she was meant to do....

Sunshine Telegu TV Interview

May 6, 2018

A special thank you to Sunshine Telegu TV for their interview with actress Melinda Michael.
Discussing Bollywood, Hollywood, and everything in between. 

Hosted by Vidya Buddharaju and Gopala Krishna, from Sunshine Television.

Re-watch the episode online at:

The IT Podcast

May 9, 2018

Interviewing on the IT (Inspiring Times) Podcast:
Melinda Michael, an Actress and Voice Artist.

Hosted by: Justine Stiemens, from South Africa to Los Angeles, CA. 

Discuss all things inspiration for creatives in the film and television industry, as well as mental health and wellness, ending off with a fun Q&A about Melinda.

The Spiritual Actor, Ep. 2 - "The Scenario is God". Featuring: Melinda Michael, Hosted By: Garrett Wagner

February 24, 2018

Ecstatic to share with you Ep. 2 of #TheSpiritualActor podcast, "The Scenario is God". I am blessed to be joined by the incredible @iam.melindamichael. She is an actress (#The100), dream coach, and meditation teacher. We discuss an openness to #improvisation both in acting and in life, as well as the importance of #spiritualpractice to your health as an #actor 🙏 ... Beautiful and blissful experience connecting with Melinda on these topics! Enjoy! 🙌✨Sound engineering and beat creation by: @youngbadger94

NUMA Magazine - "Caring about Communities"

November 2017

This particular topic strikes me and my heart very deeply. I believe we all, at some level, come to know and understand that our inherent nature consists of desiring to make a difference. The question is, How? I endeavour to positively impact the world in an extraordinarily significant way. This is something that has always been of great importance to me. To do this, I first focus on the lives around me in my community that I can affect on a regular basis. I began with volunteer work in University as a way of overcoming depression I had developed while there - I knew that it was scientifically proven that helping others makes us feel good. Eventually,  I realized that I wanted to be of service in a way that shared my unique gifts as well as offered a solution to others for real, lasting happiness. What I offer is a powerful practice of musical mantra meditation - it truly cleanses the heart and soothes the spirit (I'll get more into it in Question #2) - and it continues to makes me happy above all other things in life. I've seen many lives transformed by this beautiful spiritual practice, and I figure if it can resonate so profoundly with me, then it'll surely also help at least one other person, and if I can save someone from struggle and tribulation, particularly in the mind, then I am living on purpose. Being featured in this issue would bring vital awareness to the work I offer in my organization, and lead to opportunities for potential healing in lives around the world. I want to spread my message; I want to uplift and inspire; I want to be a pillar for raising consciousness so we can live in a world of peace; And I want to have people feeling love and a magical connection to themselves, to others, and to the Divine to create - because we deserve to!


I am the President of a non-for-profit organization...

Continue Reading the Featured Article from Numa Magazine November Edition, on Page 5, here:

September 2016

Melinda Michael, star of the new Bell Media show IRL: The Series, tells us how she first became interested in acting, about her guest appearance on an episode of Murdoch Mysteries, and what she loves about attending the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Watch the complete interview here:


May 4, 2016

Rogers TV Interviews Melinda Michael IN STUDIO.

Complete interview here:


September 5, 2016

Diversity has become a major topic of discussion in the entertainment industry in recent years. It’s no secret that audiences are looking for more diverse representation in the Film and Television industry.

“I’m so proud and incredibly fortunate to be on a show that represents REAL people,” states Melinda Michael who plays the relentless Manager, Angie, “IRL is the most transparent and pro-diversity show on any network right now…. Kudos to our director and show runner Bobby for opening up a non-judgmental, unbiased forum for free unfiltered conversation and showcasing what the world needs to see more.”

Article here:

To watch IRL on BellFibe Tv1:

P.S. You can watch it for free on the IRL website!

June 3, 2016

Today’s Notable Young Professional is actress Melinda Michael, whose talent has been on display on television, in musicals, feature films, and live theatre. We caught up with her to find out what inspires her work and what advice she would share with other aspiring actors…

Q: What does the word notable mean to you?
A: To me, notable means that you stand out from a crowd for a special quality, energy, or way of being that you possess that others recognize within themselves and therefore aspire to achieve. Being notable is most apparent when you are authentically you – that is notable, commendable, and the quality of a leader.

Read more of article here:

ADDICTED Magazine's #WCW

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ask your #WCW with Melinda Michael


Meet our #womancrushwednesday Melinda Michael! is a dazzling film and television actor.

Known in the industry as a ‘triple threat,’ Melinda has been classically trained in theatre, dance, voice and music, in addition to film and TV. Her love of performing began at a young age as she toured with the award-winning Amabile Choirs of Canada, who Melinda competed internationally with. At age of fourteen, Melinda had already sung for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Melinda studied at the internationally renowned Shakespeare School in Stratford, and the prestigious New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts to further hone her craft. She has starred in musicals such as Chicago, Once On This Island, The Wiz, M*A*S*H, and in iconic plays including Twelfth Night, Alice in Wonderland, and Carlo Goldoni’s The Mistress of the Inn.  Most recently, Melinda’s knack for performing and her badass Martial Artist skills intersected in several combative genre-type roles, including the American-Canadian co production Subject 1. She has guest starred opposite Bill Skarsgard in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove and played a multitude of leading roles in award-winning feature films like Unhappy Happy, On Again Off Again, and The Money Movie, which just had its premiere screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in February 2016. iMelinda is currently filming a lead role in a new show debuting on Bell Media Fibe TV called IRL (In Real Life) a comedy showcasing the impact of social media.

Take a read of Melinda’ view on romance below!

An Evening with Canada's Stars in Hollywood

February 25, 2016

An Evening with Canada's Stars, put on by Telefilm and eTalk, took place February 25, 2016 at the Fours Seasons Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. The Canadian Screen Awards were celebrating Canadian talent at Oscar Week. Melinda Michael was on the red carpet dressed in this radiating, classic gown by Narces. Other highly anticipated guests included Jacob Tremblay (Room), Lyriq Bent (Book of Negroes), Laura Vandervoort (Bitten), and Eugene Levy and Catherin O'Hara (Schitt's Creek), who were recognized for their Lifetime Legacy Awards. 

Article published in the National Post (Saturday March 5, 2016)
Photo by George Pimintel

Online version of the full article and press release available through the National Post:

More images from the red carpet:

Getty Images (click link)
Pressline Photos (click link)

Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Melinda Michael

November 27, 2015

With her distinctive allure, Melinda Michael is a burgeoning enchanter from Canada whose star is shining with every screen endeavour. She’s appearing in the final Season of “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix and Melinda’s stunning looks is adding to the infatuation many of us already have with Canadian actresses. She has also caught the world’s attention having sat alongside Oscar Winner Julianne Moore at this year’s Canadian Screen Award and on that night Melinda was a ravishing vision on the red carpet. Known for her enterprising verve and versatility on film, television as well as the web, Melinda could soon garner fondness as a Screen Sweetheart. 


Here’s the interview with the luscious Melinda:

March 1, 2015

Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.


Julianne Moore, won her Oscar for ‘Still Alice’, rocked the night with Emma Stone (I documented most of the excitement and fun) , had a few meetings in Los Angeles, and flew off to cold New York to start work with Ethan Hawke.  Did she take a breather?  on the weekend she flew into Toronto, Julianne for the Canadian Screen Awards, (where she was a presenter and nominated for ‘Map to the Stars’) threw on her Chanel suit looking glamorous  and hit the red carpet.


Melinda Michael, a Canadian actress and model, has played a big role in my film documentary David Bowie Is Around The World (currently in production) also hit the red carpet looking stunning. While Julianne was being interviewed by the media, Melinda was meeting other Canadian actors. Soon it was showtime and time for everyone to take their seats. Oscar winner Julianne and Melinda find themselves seated next to each other it’s one degree of separation, you just gotta be at the right place at the right time.


Melinda is no stranger to the concept of the right place at the right time. She showed up a few years ago during the Toronto International Film Festival at the David Bowie table at the Ritz Carlton Hotel where I first met her and without hesitating asked her to be in the Bowie film project of mine which was timed with the David Bowie Is exhibit coming to Toronto and is currently on a world tour. Melinda just had that energy, the spirit to give it all a shot, pure to the core with her passion for her work acting no matter however challenging, similar to that of the Oscar winner seated next to her.  When it comes to dedication, then Melinda takes the cake. I found her once patiently waiting at a restaurant for a meeting after falling off her bike nose bleeding, and bruised holding an ice pack to her face.  It was then I knew for certain Melinda had what it takes, because Hollywood can beat you up, but you just can’t give up your break could be coming around the next corner.


Having left Toronto Julianne knows one thing, Melinda is a women of worth. When I see the two actors seated in the front know I already know it’s the universe winking at Melinda saying, ”Keep going girl you are on the right path.” 



Voice K Magazine Interview

TIFF 2015

VOICE K kid reporters interview actress Melinda Michael at the 40th anuual Toronto International Film Festival, about her career and experiences.

Interview also recorded on YouTube:

December 29, 2014

Actress Melinda Michael gives us a few looks to close this spectacular year. 


TorontoVerve: "What is your favourite memory of 2014?"


Melinda: "I have two great memories. My ultimate favourite is I led a musical meditation for the very first time. This past year, I've been teaching myself to play the harmonium and then one day, the leader of our meditation group asked me to sing in front of everyone. I've only ever played the instrument alone, but that amazing experience really helped me get over my feelings of self-doubt. Another cool moment happened at TIFF when I attended a dinner party with British actor Alan Rickman and his family. I still can't believe that happened."


Next year, Melinda will be shooting a feature film in South Africa where she'll be playing one of five original super heroes. "It speaks to that whole plot of good versus evil and has a real spiritual element to it." 


Read more (click photo)...

September 22, 2013

The David Bowie table at the Ritz Bar, during the Toronto International Film Festival played host to a number of talented people. Life is all about timing, being at the right spot at the right time. The Bowie table at Toronto’s Ritz Carlton was the place to be, it is where Melinda Michael showed up and what do you know, she ended up with the Bowie McLaren, photo-shoot, and the film I am making ‘David Bowie Is Around The World’.


Melinda has a passion, her first love, acting. Needless to say she already is miles ahead of most as 75% of the battle is does the camera love you? and it does, throw in the talent and you could be on your way. Grounded in her yoga, breathing and natural movement with the camera, and let me tell you this girl from Toronto is going places. This is a small glimpse of Melinda Michael. More is coming.

March 11, 2014

Andy Warhol created the factory and those who came to visit got filmed in his 8mm film. They were all interesting people. At the Toronto International Film Festival, The Ritz Bar, at the Ritz Carlton Toronto was home to the David Bowie Table where creative people came to meet like-minded people, ending up in the film and sharing their talent.

This is first of a series of photographs taken by the very talented Babar Khan who also found himself in the film David Bowie Is Around The World. The Creative Director of this shoot was the wonderful Jackie Gideon of Jackie Gideon Beauty. As the film develops you will get to meet more of the cast and learn their individual stories.


Photo from left to right: Melinda Micheal (Actor), Tommy James Murphy (Actor), Timothy Hollywood Khan (Producer, Director) and Kayla Havard (Actor)


Tags: David Bowie, David Bowie Is Around The World (movie), Film, Hollywood, Music, Actors, Babar Khan, Jackie Gideon, Jackie Gideon Beauty, Kayla Havard, Melinda Michael, Movie, Music, Photography, Ritz Bar Toronto, The Ritz Carlton Toronto, Timothy Hollywood Khan, Tommy James Murphy, Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival


April 22, 2013

Over the past four years, FLARE has collaborated with Fanshawe College on their Unbound student fashion show. This year was particularly unique as the school marked the 40th anniversary of their fashion design program. Each year I head to London, Ontario to adjudicate the collections of the graduating class and this year was particularly stacked with key players from the Toronto fashion scene. Our emcee for the evening was industry pro Glen Baxter, who entertained the enthusiastic crowd with humour as he playfully introduced the judges. The well-rounded panel included the likes of David Dixon, Leesa Butler, Gail McInnes, Carly Stojsic, Franco Mirabelli and Natalie Dean. With the top students presenting, the pressure was on to pick winners for the best design and best collection. Here is a look at the top three collections from the evening by Julia Cangemi, Becca Forsyth and Jess Jurkowski.



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Melinda Michael Presenting at the Annual Transmedia Gujarati Screen & Stage Awards 2020


Melinda was asked to present the "Best Actor" award on stage for the Gujarati Screen and Stage Awards ceremony, held in Mumabi, India, on February 29, 2020. 

Melinda Michael at the Art Gallery of Ontario for the David Bowie exhibit. We interviewed Melinda about her experience at the exhibit.

Melinda Michael is an actor in the 'David Bowie Is Around The World' film.


The link can also be found at:

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