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Rings of Power

Notable Awards and Highlights in the Arts:


1st place, Photo Runway, The Actors Model and Talent Convention (2008), Orlando, Florida.


Gold Medalist, the Amabile Choir, competing in the Choir Olympics in Bremen, Germany (2004).


Sang for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, at her Golden Jubilee (2002), Toronto, Canada. 

Grade 8 Piano, Royal Conservatory of Music.


Graduate of the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts 
(New York City, 2012).


Fun Facts About Melinda:

Fav Movies?
- Lord of the Rings  (I definitely am part Elf) 

- A Knight's Tale  ("It's called a lance, helloooo!")

- The Holiday (for some good old British Rom Com)

- Avatar

- Interstellar

- Remember the Titans

Fav Books?
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 

- Nancy Drew (I read all 63 books of the series. In order.)

- If I Just Had Two Wings, by Virginia Frances Schwartz

- Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda 

Fav Food?
- Sweet Potatoes (prepared any and every way!)

Fav Destinations?
- Florence, Italy

- The mystical mountains in Vancouver, BC

- The Pyramids in Egypt

Can't Live Without?

- Watching sunsets. Standing directly in the sun and feeling its warmth, gives me instant recharge and grounding. Every sunset is its own unique masterpiece - another one just like it will never happen again! They enrapture me. 

Health Tip?

- Sleep. Winding down at night early, and waking up at 6:30am feels amazing. It gives you SO much more time in the day to accomplish what you need to do. Plus, in Ayurveda, it is said that your body's essential regeneration processes occur nightly between 10pm and midnight... and most of us these days aren't even asleep during that critical window! So from being a night owl to now an early riser, I can say that you will be exceedingly more productive, yet also feel more rested because of the QUALITY of sleep (not number of hours); it supports lucid dream states, reduces inflammation, lowers anxiety, and allows you to get all the essentials done first thing in the morning (like a workout class, meditation, stretch, or breathwork) and have plenty of leftover hours to be creative and ultimately pursue your higher purpose. You get in synch with the natural rhythm of nature... waking up with the sunrise, and winding down with the sunset.

A Recommended Must-Do?

- Sit with yourself. Self inquire: If I am not my thoughts, who is the one hearing them? If I am not my feelings, who is the one feeling them? Be the observer of your mind in meditation and get to know and embrace the beautiful Soul you are. 

- Take time to discover what lights you up, and share your gifts with the world... we need it!

- Love love love. Act with kindness, and watch how you receive it back from others and life itself.

juhu beach
Melinda Michael Model Marie Antoinette


       My name is Melinda Michael. I am an on-camera Actress, Voice Over Artist, Motion Capture Performer, and International Model. At age 4, I began performing on stage in plays, musicals and dance recitals, ranging over the years from Shakespearean theatre (including Ortensia in Twelfth Night) to leading a production (playing Alice in Alice in Wonderland), and even being cast in an Italian comedy (again an Ortensia, in Mistress of the Inn or La Locandiera).


      My love for movies has been my biggest motivation to take on a professional career in the film and television industry. I  deeply desire to help move people in such a way that cinema has always touched and inspired my own heart.
Developing myself, and an insatiable quest for knowledge, act as a guide for me in both my personal life and career. Exploring my artistry and self-expression has allowed me to discover further passions, including voicing children's animation (after all,
Arthur was definitely my daily dose of entertainment growing up), and bringing action-filled characters to life in the fantastical worlds of video games, through the craft of motion capture (I find it perfectly unites my extensive training in MMA, dance and movement, with acting performance!).

      I am based between Canada (Toronto & Vancouver) and Los Angeles. Most recently, my acting career gifted me with the opportunity to experience Bollywood, where I am thrilled to have shot a film that showed me around the astounding locations of Mumbai, Jaipur and Rishikesh.


My Interests:

TRAVELING:  My jet setting adventures having included exploring Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Wales, Ireland, India, Egypt (going inside the pyramids was magical), Dubai (the Burj Khalifa is TALL), Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean - especially Dominica and Antigua, where my dad is from. I actually lived in Italy for 3 summers to study Italian, and Footwear Design at a fashion school in Florence. 

REIKI:  I am an Energy Healer. Certified Reiki Master. I am a Clairsentient, which means that I feel and can move energy both in myself, and others. Outside of schooling, my life long learning continues, particularly in the realm of Spirituality.
Interested in
Reiki healing?  I'd love to help you! I offer online healing sessions, powerfully clearing emotional, mental, physical energetic blocks, to clear your chakra and promote wellness, clarity and vitality. Be your happiest, healthiest you!

KIRTAN:  Kirtan is musical mantra meditation, absorbing the potency of sound vibration amongst a group setting for cleansing the heart and an elevation of personal and collective consciousness. I sing in the ancient language of Sanskrit, while playing the harmonium, a beautifully resonate instrument from India. I currently lead kirtan events in Los Angeles at 'Hot 8 Yoga' studio and 'Mantra House'. I am also the former President of the Non Profit Organization, "Bhakti Yoga Vancouver." Anyone around me knows I never stop singing. I receive such upliftment by sharing my greatest joy of music. Kirtan truly helped heal me and that drives my regular involvement in humanitarian work, like running my non-profit and volunteering at a rehab centre leading kirtans for teens. 

KICK BOXER:  I am always wanting to challenge myself by working out, HARD.

I have been training in Muay Thai & Boxing semi professionally since 2012, with Sweden's national coach, and currently with the incredible Peter Lee Thomas (you might know this extraordinary man as Halle Berry's trainer). I have done all my own stunt work and stage combat on set. I am also the Toronto Affiliate for the on-screen action based company, "On Camera Combatives." 

YOGA BARRE INSTRUCTOR:  I teach an intense fitness class called Yoga Barre. It is a combination of hot yoga (in 108 degrees) with weights and sculpt training. High intensity conditioning. Love it. Thank you to Hot 8 Yoga in Los Angeles, California, for my teacher training, and the leadership platform to combine my longing for Spirituality, body confidence and power, and holistic wellness. 

BIKING:  Riding my bicycle = instant freedom. And it's my favorite mode of transportation. Biking around is a great way to get to know (and support!) your city's mom and pop shops, maybe that you wouldn't normally stop by or take a peak through the window to see, unless you were passing by on foot or bike. I honestly know all the cities I've lived in like the back of my hand because I think I've explored every nook and cranny of them thanks to biking!

TEAM SPORTS:  Growing up, I was on my school's skipping team (touring to other schools on behalf of the Heart and Stroke Foundation to teach kids how to skip and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle), as well as our basketball, volleyball, track and field, and cross country teams. During University, I played on the soccer team (Awarded 'Rookie of the Year', not bad given I had never played soccer prior to trying out!) and balanced class work with my commitment to being a member of the Silhouettes Dance Company, marking 16 years of dance training.

NUTRITION:  Health is my priority. I am Vegan (since 2014), and gluten, soy and nut free (allergies). I do not drink alcohol or coffee at all - haven't for over 12 years. One, it's literal poison to your organs, and two, nothing gives you energy in the morning to last the day (no crash, no dependency, no shakes) like invigorating, fresh green juice! Try it. I am absolutely an advocate for health and wellness, and through first hand experience, understand deeply the connection between the mind and body. What we ingest in our bodies - both through our food, and our thoughts - creates and reflects our internal and external environment. I healed myself from chronic Candida, SIBO, Leaky Gut, and parasites... when the doctors told me it was "all in my head." (Yeah, I think not having a period for 4.5 years, not being able to have a bowel movement without drugs or supplements for 5 years, and being in pain every day covered in hives... isn't something I'm making up, geez). Don't lose hope, healing and feeling happy from the inside out is possible. Trust me, I tried it all (herbs, naturopaths, acupuncture, osteopathy, cranial sacral therapy, colon hydrotherapy, Ozone, Biofeedback, negative ion foot baths, flower remedies, laughter yoga, Mystery School magick... I sought out whatever I could get my hands on). And through it all, I learned our body is a miracle (took me a long time to accept that) and is designed to heal... when we support it. Happy to share the knowledge I've accumulated on mental health through meditation modalities, and especially if you are struggling with gut health and food reactions! 

MEDITATION: I've been meditating regularly since 2013. I love Mantra Meditation (chanting Sanskrit mantras) - which can be done out loud, silently, or by singing.
I am constantly challenging myself mentally and physically, including doing 30 days of fasting from food, and 11 days of silence at a Vipassana in Joshua Tree, California. (The vow of silence means no phone, no reading, no talking; simply meditating starting at 4:30am every day, implementing the technique that Buddha used to become enlightened). I've been drawn to understanding and learning about different meditation practices from various parts of the world, on my pursuit of happiness, and trained with various organizations to receive their teachings. Having struggled severely with chronic depression in my early 20's, which came with daily suicidal ideation for 4 years, and debilitating panic attacks, nothing became more important to me than my mission to not have my thoughts control me, and to return to my authentic state of happiness. 

MANIFESTATION: My friends call it "Melinda Magic." I've journaled hundreds of pages of the most wildest experiences I've manifested. Like, INSANE. The daily synchronicities are what remind me that there is so much more to this life beyond what we can see. The receptivity of energy is undeniable. Sometimes the manifestations happen as soon as the words leave my mouth, it's that instant. But it's not only me... we are all manifesting every day. Be conscious and aware of what beliefs, thoughts, and words you are emanating from within you.
Get clear on what you want, journal it, speak it into existence, declare it, visualize it, trust and believe it. Don't worry about the details of the How... the Universe is already transpiring to make it happen. You are a magnet of energy, your job is to keep up the frequency that can attract what it is you are seeking. Remember, it is seeking you too. You are responsible for creating your best life. So how do you want to choose to spend it? 

LANGUAGES:  I have always had an affinity for learning languages. I studied Italian, Spanish, French, Old English and while on my travels, taught myself some Greek over in Greece, and Hindi in India. Traveling lots and my fascination for languages, has lead me develop a keen skill for picking up accents and dialects.

Also, totally geeking out, but I would love to learn Elvish (or maybe land a role where I can play an Elf!).

HISTORY:  Ever since childhood, I've been obsessed about many periods of history, my favorite being the Medieval, Victorian, and Elizabethan eras, the Renaissance, and Ancient Rome and Greece. This is a major influence for why I pursued acting. I wanted to live in these worlds more... and I can't get enough of those period costumes! 

FILM SOUND SCORES:  I'm that person blasting "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Avatar" soundtracks while driving in my car. John Williams is a legend.

MODELING:  One of my greatest strengths with modeling is my excellent body and muscle awareness, as many photographers have remarked how I make postural adjustments instinctively. Due to my myriad of exotic backgrounds, I am quite the chameleon with transforming my looks between shoots. 

And most profoundly, ACTING.


I am truly excited and grateful to be expanding myself as an actor (and as a unique individual) within a creative and wonderfully talented community. It gives me so much joy to work every day towards manifesting my dreams and career aspirations, to leave a legacy, and make my positive impact in the world. I know I have what it takes: the ambition, passion, presence, talent, motivation, relentless determination, confidence, and compassion, to succeed in this industry. I strive to give my all to you, always, and I hope my work contributes value to your life.


Beaming you with Love & Blessings,

Melinda Michael

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