Notable Awards and Highlights:


1st place, Photo Runway, The Actors Model and Talent Convention in 2008, Orlando, Florida.


Gold Medalist, the Amabile Choir, competing in the 2004 Choir Olympics in Bremen, Germany.


Sang for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, at her Golden Jubilee
in 2002, Toronto, Canada. 

Grade 8 Piano Certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music.


Fun Facts:

Fav movies?
Lord of the Rings.  I am part Elf. And I love Elvish. 

A Knight's Tale.  It's called a lance, helloooo!

The Holiday.  For some good old British rom com.

Fav book?
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Fav food?
Sweet Potatoes. Any form.


       My name is Melinda Michael. I am an actress, voice over artist, motion capture performer, and model. I started in theatre, performing on stage in plays, musicals, and dance recitals since age 4. I have been specializing in film, television, animation and commercial industries since 2013. 


My background: The question I get asked the most is, "What are you?" Maybe casting created that term "Ethnically Ambiguous" for someone like me. I am so fortunate to have had a truly diverse upbringing culturally due to my mix of ethnicities, making not only my look very interesting, exotic, and versatile, but as well, I can nail majority of accents. 


My interests:
- Traveling! My jet setting adventures having included Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Wales, Ireland, India, Egypt, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. I actually lived in Italy for 3 summers to study Italian, and Footwear Design at a fashion school in Florence. 
- I am an Energy Healer. Certified Reiki Master.
- Kirtan. It is 
musical mantra meditation, absorbing the potency of sound vibration amongst a group setting for cleansing the heart and an elevation of personal and collective consciousness. I sing in the ancient language of Sanskrit, while playing the harmonium, a beautifully resonate instrument from India. I currently lead kirtan events in Los Angeles at 'Hot 8 Yoga' and 'Mantra House'. I am also the former President of the non profit organization, "Bhakti Yoga Vancouver."

- Working out, HARD. I have been training in Muay Thai & Boxing semi professionally since 2012, with Sweden's national coach, and currently with the incredible Peter Lee Thomas (you might know this extraordinary man as Halle Berry's trainer). I have done all my own stunt work and stage combat on set. 

- My instant feeling of freedom from riding my bicycle. 
- I teach Yoga Barre. It is a combination of hot yoga (108 degrees) with weights and sculpt training. High intensity conditioning. Love it.
- Growing up, I was on my school's skipping team (touring to other schools on behalf of the Heart and Stroke Foundation to teach kids how to skip and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle), and basketball, volleyball, track and field, and cross country teams. During College, I played on the soccer team (Awarded 'Rookie of the Year', not bad given I had never played soccer prior to trying out!) and was a member of the Silhouettes Dance Company, marking 16 years of dance training and performance.

- Health nut. I am Vegan and Gluten Free. I do not drink alcohol at all.  I am absolutely an advocate for health and wellness, and through first hand experience, understand deeply the connection between the mind and body. What we ingest in our bodies, from our food to our thoughts, create and reflect our internal and external environment. I am constantly challenging myself mentally and phsyically, including doing 30 days of fasting from food, and most recently, 11 days of silence at a Vipassana. (No phone, no reading, no talking; simply meditating starting at 4:30am every day, implementing the technique that Buddha used to become enlightened).  

- Obsessed with Languages. I have studied Italian, Spanish, French, Old English and while traveling around the world, taught myself some Greek.

- History. I've always been earnest to learn about many periods of history, my favorite being the Medieval, Victorian, and Elizabethan eras, the Renaissance, and Ancient Rome and Greece. This is a major influence for why I pursued acting. I wanted to live in these worlds more... and I can't get enough of those costumes! 

- Film sound scores. I'm that person who will blast "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Avatar" while driving in my car. 

- Modeling. I am known for my excellent body/muscle awareness, and photographers have remarked how I make postural adjustments instinctively.

- Life long learning.

- And most profoundly, ACTING.


I am truly excited and grateful to be expanding myself as an actor (and as a unique individual) within a creative and wonderfully talented community. It gives me so much joy to work every day towards manifesting my biggest dreams and career aspirations, to leave a legacy and make my positive impact in the world. I have what it takes: the ambition, passion, presence, talent, motivation, determination, confidence, and compassionate personality to succeed in this industry. I strive to give my all, always.

Melinda Michael

Melinda Michael all rights reserved.