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Melinda Michael

“Working with Melinda I get an idea of what it must have been like to work with Elizabeth Taylor. She is a consummate professional and collaborator.
She can translate incredible range and humanity, while making it appear effortless… Not many actors can pull this off. I would look forward to any opportunity to work with her again because rarely do you find an actress so delightful, empathetic, and thoughtful as a human being.”  


— Marita Grabiak: Television Director of “American Horror Story
with Lady Gaga (FX), Law & Order” (NBC)

 “Melinda is terrific and always delivers. 

 I was fascinated.”  

 — Lisa Parasyn: Emmy Award Winning Casting Director   (“Outlander”, “Star Trek: Discovery”,  and the 20+  Awarded Comedy Series “Schitt’s Creek”)  

 “Every once in a while, you come across an    actress that you know has ‘something special.’    That is Melinda Michael.”

 — Christina Jennings: Executive Producer
  "Departure” (Peacock), "Murdoch Mysteries” (Hulu)  

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